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Most of the domestic consumers of gas and Business Electricity Prices are entitled to benefit from the rate of last resort. In the case of electricity, they are consumers in low voltage with less contracted power equal to 10 kW, and in the case of natural gas, the consumers of less than 50,000 kWh.

The Social bond is a valid economic rate only for certain groups of consumers, for example, pensioners with minimum benefits, families with all members unemployed, in addition to facilities with less than 3 kWh of power.

The social bond is almost always the best electric rate of the market. If the consumer is among the groups entitled to the same, in the majority of cases you can save over 15% on your electricity bill, compared with the rate of last resort.

However, there are offerings that specialize in offering a better quality of service, including, for an additional price, complementary services that make them attractive for consumers, such as green power offerings, which include the maintenance of the gas’s electricity system.